Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Here is a simple approach that does not require Jing, Camtasia, or any other additional software:
  1. Create your lecture or presentation in MS PowerPoint.
  2. Click on Insert - Audio - Record Audio...and record your audio clip. Move the sound icon into a consistent but unobtrusive corner of the slide.
  3. Repeat for all slides as needed.
  4. Save and share the PPT file directly - but that can create issues with software compatibility, especially between different operating systems.
  5. Better: save as an MP4 file or Windows Media Video file and share - each slide will 'show' as long as your narration lasts and then advance to the next slide.
  6. Even better: upload your MP4 file to YouTube and share as link or embed into your blog or website.
Or: use Snagit for Google Chrome (video).

Here are Simple Screencasting Tips from Profhacker and Clone Yourself Through Screencasts! from NCS EdTech News.


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